PRO for teams

If your whole team wants to upgrade to PRO, you’ll need our specific plugin for teams. You’ll find it on Figma’s community.

How to upgrade your team

1. Buy licenses for your team

You can purchase licenses for as many team members as you want, adjust the quantity when checking out.

Team pricing

Team sizeMonthly paymentsYearly paymentYearly payment savings
1 to 2$15/month
per user
per user
3 to 9$15/month
per user
per user
30% (Use promotion code TEAM3PLUS at checkout)
per user
per user
35% (Use promotion code TEAM10PLUS at checkout)

For teams larger than 20, please contact us at

If you need to purchase via wire transfer, contact us at

2. Assign seats

After purchasing your team’s licenses, you’ll be redirected to your team dashboard. Log in using the same email you used for payment, assign seats to your team members and share invite code with them.

Go to dashboard

If the person purchasing will not be using the plugin, they do not have to use up one of the paid licenses in the plan. This person can simply manage access and assign the first license to any other team member.

3. Run for teams

All team members must then run for teams, enter the invite code they received, and join the team. for teams plugin with input field for invite code

👉 Install for teams

How do I add or remove team members from the plan?

You can add and remove team members from your plan directly from your team dashboard. Log in using the same email used for payment.

  • To add team members using available seats you’ve already purchased, click Add team member.

  • If all seats are full, you can purchase licenses for new team members by clicking Buy more.

  • To remove a team member from your plan, click Remove next to their email address in the list of team members.