Import a private webpage

For any private webpage behind a log-in or VPN, you’ll need to install our Chrome extension in addition to the Figma plugin.

Capture a private page with the Chrome extension

1. Install our Chrome extension

Go to the extension’s main page and click on Add to Chrome.

2. Log in to the page you want

Log in to your account and access the private webpage you want to import.

3. Click on the extension logo

In the top right corner of your browser you’ll find the logo. If not, you may need to click on the extensions icon to open a list of all your available extenstions. Then click on the logo to open a drop-down with two import options: Capture full page or Capture selection.

Screenshot of the plugin when selecting custom device dimensions.

4. Click Capture full page

If all you need is a specific component or block for your designs, you can also import only a section of the page. Click Capture selection from the drop-down instead.

5. An .h2d file will download

Before the download starts, you’ll see the following message in your browser: “ started debugging this browser.” Don’t worry, this means everything is working as expected.

6. Drop the file in the Figma plugin

Drag-and-drop the generated .h2d file into the plugin to import fully editable designs of your private webpage.

Note: To import the mobile version of a private webpage, take a look at Import a mobile version