Not capturing full page always captures the full length of a webpage. However, some sites have different ways of handling the body height, scrolling and item display. So, it may happen that the plugin only captures what you see, as opposed to the full length of the page.

Workaround to capture the full page

1. Install our Chrome extension

If you haven’t already, go to our Chrome extension page and click on Add to Chrome.

2. Follow the same steps as capturing a mobile version

Open devtools and activate Device Mode to be able to set your own viewport dimensions. You can see the full step-by-step here.

3. Set a very large viewport height

In order to work around the website’s settings, select a very large height in the viewport dimensions.

4. Capture full page and import the .h2d file into Figma

Next click Capture full page in the extension, and drop the generated .h2d file into the plugin. This will import editable designs of the website with its full page length.

Screenshot of the Chrome extension capturing a mobile version via devtools.