Import a private webpage

For any private webpage behind a log-in or VPN, you’ll need to install our Chrome extension in addition to the Figma plugin.

Capture a private webpage with the Chrome extension

1. Install our Chrome extension

Go to the extension’s main page and click on Add to Chrome.

Screenshot of the Chrome extension page.

2. Log in to the page you want

Log in to your account and access the private webpage you want to import.

Screenshot of a private webpage log-in.

3. Open the extension

In the top right corner of your browser, click on the extensions icon and look for the logo to open the extension.

Screenshot of the extensions menu.

4. Select viewports/themes

Check the boxes for all the viewports and themes you want to download.

Screenshot of the Chrome extension drop-down.

5. Capture the full page or a selection

Click Full page to capture exactly what you see in your browser. If all you need is a specific component or section of the page, click Capture selection instead. You’ll see a blue outline around the different sections you can select to import.

Screenshot of capturing a selection of a webpage with the extension.

6. Automatic .h2d file download

An .h2d file will automatically start downloading and be saved in whichever folder you have set to store downloads. This file can only be opened via the plugin.

The following message should appear in your browser: “ started debugging this browser.” This means everything is working as expected.

7. Drop the file into the Figma plugin

Drag-and-drop the generated .h2d file into the plugin to import fully editable designs of your private webpage.

Screenshot of dropping the file into the plugin.

Data and privacy

When using our Chrome extension, your site’s data remains completely private. The extension creates a file that is stored locally on your computer, so your data never reaches our servers.