html.to.design aims to deliver accurate, high-quality imports every time, even with our FREE plan! Every single user can enjoy all the key features needed to import your website into Figma as fully editable designs. Here are just a few…

Core features

Import editable webpage into Figma with html.to.design.
Import via URL

Convert webpages into fully editable Figma designs - 100x better than any screenshot. Import any public website into Figma by simply entering the URL.

Install the Figma plugin >
Screenshot of the html.to.design Chrome extension.
Import via Chrome extension

Install the Chrome extension on your browser to import any webpage, even if it is local or behind a log-in. Works with Edge, Arc and Brave too.

Install the extension >
Screenshot of Figma with multi-viewport page imports.

Import webpages in desktop, tablet and mobile device sizes for a multi-viewport range.

How a webpage looks imported in both dark and light modes.
Dark and light themes

Import any webpage in both light and dark modes.

Figma styles extracted from a website.
Create or use local styles

With every import, choose if you want to create Figma styles based on the page you are importing, or apply your existing local styles to the result.

Website imported into Figma with all auto layout set up.
Auto layout

html.to.design imports websites with advanced auto layout already set up for you, if you want it.

Applying font mapping with html.to.design.
Replace missing fonts

If html.to.design detects missing fonts in your import, either automatically map them to fonts you already have, or download the missing font directly from the plugin.

Gradient used on website and imported into Figma.
Complex gradient support

html.to.design comes with enhanced support for complex gradients and options like Display-P3 color, so you can import even the most advanced websites with quality results.

Prototype features

Website flow set up with all connected links for prototype.
Automatic linking

Select any links on an imported webpage and import their corresponding pages in a click. html.to.design automatically sets up the entire user flow ready as a prototype.

Imported website with overflow scroll supported.
Overflow scroll support

When you preview your website design as a prototype, any overflow scroll is supported meaning no clipped content.

PRO features

Import button with number 124 in yellow indicator.
Unlimited imports

Import as many webpages as you want, whenever you want.

High-res images

html.to.design automatically detects if images can be improved to import their high-resolution versions, when available.

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Bulk imports

Import a list of URLs or several .h2d files at once.

Shortcut to re-import

Speed up your design process and re-import the same page in one click.

Screenshot of Figma side panel with re-import option.
Premium support

Get dedicated support on our Discord chat at any time.

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Want to upgrade to PRO?

  1. Click “Upgrade to PRO” in the plugin.
  2. Enter your payment details and complete your purchase directly in Figma.
  3. Restart Figma to start enjoying PRO!

Figma is unable to accept Indian or Russian-based credit cards at this time. If you’re using an Indian or Russian-based card, please get PRO for teams for a single user.

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