Announcing new settings and mult-import options.

New settings and multi-import options

The latest release was a big one! In addition to better text and font management, we’ve also added some new features to make the import experience much more efficient.

The following features are currently only available to PRO subscribers.
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📱 Advanced settings and greater import options

For PRO users who need a more advanced use of, we’ve added new settings with a wider range of import options. Aside from bulk imports of lists of URLs, you can now also import multiple viewports and themes at once, and even customize the viewports to import a webpage with your specific dimensions. These advanced settings allow you to import a wider range of websites into Figma, making it easier to create designs that are more accurate and representative of the original website.

Screenshot of multi-theme import feature.

📥 Multi-viewport and theme imports

One of the most exciting new features from the latest release is the addition of multi-viewport/theme imports. This feature allows you to import multiple viewports and themes of one or more websites in one go. Line-up both light and dark modes for any website in Figma, in a single import!

The multi-import option eliminates a lot of the duplicate clicking, back-and forth between screens and makes importing everything you need into Figma much faster! You can easily explore different website designs and layouts and choose the best options for your projects.

🚀 Improved performance

We’ve also improved performance in the latest release, especially when importing multiple webpages at the same time. With this update, you can import websites into Figma more quickly, without sacrificing quality or accuracy. You’ll also get better feedback during the import process, with indications of which website has been imported from your list of URLs.

Stay tuned…

The latest release of is a significant update that makes the import experience that much more efficient and seamless. Whether you’re a professional designer or a beginner, is can help speed up your design workflow and take it to the next level.

Don’t go far… We have a lot more coming!