logo in the middle with HTML logo on the left and Figma logo on the right., the tech behind

Just a year after launching, is now a top-20 Figma plugin with over 350,000 users worldwide. And counting!

Those of you who have been using for a while, have likely experienced the benefits it brings: big time savings, better collaboration with other designers, faster redesign projects and benchmarking, a tool that helps newbies learn how to use Figma… The list of use cases is long!

But have you ever wondered what makes work? How it can convert any webpage into fully editable Figma designs?

The “magic” behind 🪄

We like to say that is magic, but it’s really not. It’s the result of years of hard work; developing and perfecting a unique technology that powers everything we do. We wanted to develop the perfect conversion from code to Figma; overcoming issues along the way like box-sizing, stacking context, the extraction of styles, dom serialization, shadow dom piercing, proper rendering of fonts, optimal asset bundling and iframe nesting…

Despite these challenges, we created, and it does exactly what it says. converts any HTML, CSS and JavaScript into detailed, high quality Figma designs. It is the core system powering not only, but also our other plugin

Whether it’s code generated by AI, from a website or a local page, turns it all into designs, placed directly in your Figma canvas. And what makes so unique is its ability to generate designs that are fully editable. Designers and non-designers alike can make changes to everything that is generated in Figma, with the freedom to change colors, fonts and layout. This makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful designs quickly and efficiently.

Use in your plugin 🚀

Now, we’re ready to share this technology with the world, and have decided to open up to the public. We believe the potential of is huge and we’re excited to see what can be created using our API. For example: what about the first generative-AI-to-Figma plugin? could be used to transform AI-generated HTML into Figma designs, bridging the gap between AI and Figma.

While is the perfect example of how can work in a Figma plugin, we also have the playground: a demo of the technology that anyone can try out for free. The playground lets you write your HTML & CSS directly in Figma, preview it and import fully editable designs into your canvas. It’s a great way to see in action, without the need for a full website in production.

So, if you’re a team making a Figma plugin, and want to automate design generation as part of your tool, check out and tell us about your project. We’d love to help you build it!