Announcing new text and font features.

Better text and font management

Thanks to regular feedback and feature requests from our PRO users, keeps getting better. We’ve just released version #68, with some exciting new features geared towards better text and font management.

📝 Merge text when possible

With this new feature, will now automatically merge text layers that share the same font, size, weight, and color. This reduces the number of text layers in your design, simplifying and speeding up the editing process.

When merging text layers, the plugin will also ensure that the merged text layers do not have any mismatched font attributes, such as size, weight, or color.

Screenshot of before and after of text merging feature.

📝 Support for OTF fonts now supports OTF (OpenType Font) fonts. This means you can use an even wider range of fonts in your designs!

📝 Fuzzy font match

If encounters a font that is similar to the specified font, but not an exact match, it will now suggest a fuzzy font match. This is a time-saver when it comes to searching for the right font for your designs.

Screenshot of better font matching in Figma.

📝 Font matching when in the same platform family

If you have multiple fonts with the same family name but different styles (for example, Arial and Arial Black), the plugin now automatically matches the font style between them.

📥 Download missing fonts

If encounters a missing font in your design, you can now download it directly from the plugin in a single click! Then all you have to do is install the font so it’s ready for your designs.

Stay tuned…

These improvements from the latest version of make text and font management much more efficient. If you decide to give them a try, let us know how they improve your workflow.

And stay tuned… We have a lot more coming!